Our Supplement

Silage Bales

JCL prides in producing high quality silage bales by utilizing top pasture crops.

The silage is preserved through excellent fermentation, best practice harvesting techniques combined with top quality wrap and excellent storage ability.

Hay Bales

We sell and buy both square and round hay bales.

Maize Silage

We provide top quality maize silage delivered to your farm.

Maize silage is a proven, cost-effective, high value, high carbohydrate forage feed that will help extend cow lactation, increase and maintain cow condition, overcome feed shortages and maximise pasture utilisation.

Supplement Service

Maize Silage

Maize Silage is a cost effective, high energy, starch-rich forage that is reliable, consistent and helps support high levels of animal performance. It’s proven to optimising stocking rates and extending lactation length.

Silage Bales

Our full spectrum cultivation service starts with the first soil test and includes; Ripping, Discing, Power Harrow, Planting, Weed control, and Fertilisation.

Maize Harvesting

Once the harvest has yielded our state-of-the-art machinery and professional staff will harvest, transport and store your silage in either an Ag Bag Stack or Traditional Roll Stack.