Why use Grass Silage?

Winter feed in the form of silage has always been a valuable resource, however recent significant rises in animal feed costs have highlighted the need to maximize yields from baled silage in order to get the most out of the summer crop.The key to achieving good silage is the creation of dense, well shaped bales and the effectiveness of the airtight seal, which require best practices across the entire baling process.With our  McHale Combo Round Baler & Case Square Baler, we produce high quality bales. Both our McHale and Case Balers provide superb bale density and uniformity, meaning less cost and a better end wrapped product.

The Full Service

Grass Management

A great silage harvest starts with good management and planning. We work closely with our clients to choose the right seed, fertilisers and planting schedule to meet their needs.

Grass Cultivation

Our full spectrum cultivation service starts with the first soil test and includes; Ripping, Discing, Power Harrow, Planting, Weed control, and Fertilisation.

Grass Harvesting

Once the harvest has yielded, our state-of-the-art machinery and professional staff will mow, rake, transport and store your silage in either square or round bales or in stack using our loader wagons.