Maize Silage

Maize Silage is an integral part of New Zealand's livestock systems allowing farmers to increase production and profit. Having Maize Silage as a feeding option allows farmers to feed livestock all year round. It’s proven to increase milk production by optimizing stocking rates and extending lactation length. Maize Silage is a cost effective, high energy, starch-rich forage that is reliable, consistent and helps support high levels of animal performance.

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Grass Silage

Winter feed in the form of silage has always been a valuable resource, however recent significant rises in animal feed costs have highlighted the need to maximize yields from baled silage in order to get the most out of the summer crop.The key to achieving good silage is the creation of dense, well shaped bales and the effectiveness of the airtight seal, which require best practices across the entire baling process. Both our McHale and Case Balers provide superb bale density and uniformity, meaning less cost and a better end wrapped product. Contact us now for a full list of our grass silage services.

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Other Cultivation

Summer and winter crop cultivation services are also available. We begin our Summer crop planting toward the beginning of October and end with winter crop by the end of December. Plea get in contact today and ask our professional team about how we can help you with your crop this season.

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Earth Moving

With a wealth of experience with heavy machinery and with a team of full time permanent drivers, Jordaan Contracting offers earth moving and transport services. If you have earth to move or are in need of a contractor for the prep and scaling of house sites please give us a call.

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Winter Grazing

For winter grazing services please contact our offices.

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The Full Service


A great harvest starts with good management and planning. We work closely with our clients to choose the right seed, fertilisers and planting schedule to meet their needs.


Our full spectrum cultivation service starts with the first soil test and includes; Spraying, Fertilisation, Ripping, Contouring, Discing, Power Harrow, Planting, Roll-Seed-Roll, Direct Drilling, Weed control, Side dressing and more.


Once the harvest has yielded, our state-of-the-art machinery and professional staff will transport and store your harvest or silage and help deliver it again when the tie comes.