Maize Silage is an integral part of New Zealand’s livestock systems allowing farmers to increase production and profit. Having Maize Silage as a feeding option allows farmers to feed livestock all year round. It’s proven to increase milk production by optimizing stocking rates and extending lactation length.

Maize Silage is a cost effective, high energy, starch-rich forage that is reliable, consistent and helps support high levels of animal performance. Pasture is the major component of the New Zealand’s dairy herd’s diet; however through the strategic use of Maize Silage, dairy farmers can utilise pastures to its maximum.

Maize grown on dairy farms can add value to a farmers feed supply, help mitigate climatic risk, and extract excess soil nutrients from high fertility effluent paddocks.

Maize Silage acts as a “break crop” for controlling perennial weeds such as Couch and Kikuyu, as well as reducing the population of the Clover Root-Knot Nematode and the White-Fringed Weevil.

The value of good quality maize in rations is significantly higher than the cost of producing it, and with its high dry matter yields and consistent forage quality it is a valuable forage to include in dairy rations, which in turn will reduce forage costs and improve profit yields.

The pastoral dairy farm is a balance between pasture supply and cow demand, which must be maintained to achieve efficient conversion of feed into milk and profit.

JCL provides full crop management services and utilises the latest industry knowledge, technologies and recommendations to foster agricultural production.

  • Soil Test
  • Spray out Paddock
  • Ripping
  • Contouring
  • Discing
  • Base Fertilizer
  • Power Harrow
  • Precision planting
  • Post Emerge Spray
  • Side Dress
  • Harvesting
  • Transport
  • Stack & Cover



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